The Village Woman
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The Village woman.

Hand in Hand, Side By Side.

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Have you ever felt in the midst of people all around you, that didn't know who or how to ask for help. It seems that we live so close yet so distant. It breaks my heart that there are women who live each day without someone to walk by their side. It's crazy to think that in this world, as populated as it is, people are so alone. 

Independence is celebrated from a young age. We learn to feed ourselves - we learn to walk on our own, eventually we learn to drive on our own. I can't help but wonder if this celebration of independence never really goes away and as we get older the things we need from people we almost want to prove to ourselves, that in fact we don't. This unhealthy idea of independence quickly corners us and we are left isolated.

Every woman deserves someone to call on, someone to cook her a meal when she is sick, someone to assure her it's all going to be okay. Someone to look after her kids just because or someone to encourage her to take steps forward.

I see women united online across the globe. I see women asking for needs to be met and women all around her responding to the need before she even had an opportunity to feel alone. I see women cheering each other on in their success. Women who sacrifice for each other even if there is nothing in it for them except to see another woman succeed. I see a village. I see women walking side by side, using what is in their hands to help each other. If it's words, that it would be words covered in God's love. If it's making a meal, that it would be a meal that doesn't fill a physical hunger but also fills a heart with the evidence of Jesus. Women, we are called not to fight this world for a place, we are called not to fight to be worthy but, we are called to change the way people live. To change the way people do life everyday. We are called to band together, to encourage each other, to catch up for no reason, to ask for help even when it feels selfish. To look after each other's kids and cook for one another's families. To eat together, to laugh together, and to go out of our way for each other.